Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 days before april .

... salam ...

3 days before April :)
About 1 week and half before midsem holiday :)
The truth is I don’t feel excited for going home
Like seriously I’m not kidding 

yeah . 
My life been great :)
I’m not lying
Please trust me

So far ,
Just I said life is being great
March was awesome
With study , tutorial , study
The thing that make me focus more than anything in world
I feel like needed when I studying
I did feel it
That feeling that I never have

My friends
They had their own problem
I just wish I had the time to spent more for them
But I could, I could stand 24/7 for them
I hope that they grown well with all these suck things
But to me, the truth is
These all suck thing make we learn about our life
Make we learn how beautiful path to go
How great for making a solution
We both learn
That our friendship is because of ALLAH
Then we let it to ALLAH
Because He knows better
Yup , He knows better than me and you

p/s : kalau jiwa terlalu asyik dengan cinta , mana letak cinta kita pada pencipta ?

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