Thursday, January 26, 2012

~ hola ! ~

... salam ..

so hello there
today was totally make my day
i did go to reunion that we had planned
but its seems not really the thing that u can call reunion because not everyone there
hee .. only 5 did survive to come
but thats not the problem
we did enjoy the day

i finally meet my besties inue !
and some other guys that really awesome n cool enough to be your freinds what ever it take :)
i did proud having them
we having mcd n some thing that we call boling
trust me
im not good wif that thing


tonight i force myself to merajinkan diri by making some tart
but just because my mom "mee hoon " was totally insane n i lov it so my tart was totally "hangus" !
but its rely no make me down
i just make it 

n its delicious
im sorry guys but its delicious :)

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