Monday, October 31, 2011

~ i did realise ~

... salam ...

with all my hope ...
this is come deep in mine

i never put blame on others
when they do forget me
trust me
i am not blame on u

i never and ever 
to think more
or what i can do to make it better
trust me
i will never ever do an effort to make it rite
full stop

i am the person that will laugh
even inside i am broken
i am the person that will make u smile
even inside i am hating u
i am the person that will cheer u up
even inside i am gloomy
i am the person that heart u
even inside i am in war

i did to promise myself
after i will ending the chapter before holiday
i will forget u
i will forget the beauty of rainbow that we make it as a [dream
i promise i will

dear anyone that make i felt this feeling,
its 2nd time its happen
but the truth is
its not happen
it just changing
everything were changing and insyaAllah i accept it

dear anyone that make i feel this
thank you for being with me
all over rainbow in last page in my life

dear anyone that i heart u before,
i never blame on u
even its 2nd time everything were changed
i never blame on u
for leaving me for someone better
i am proud of u
for leaving me
and u did found someone better

even now
i am realize 
i am not the person that need u
the real fact is u need me
i am the one who make all your decision
i am the one that support u all over the time
and i am the one who show u a happiness from darkness door
i am the one...
its just enough
enough is enough
it doesn't mean anything 

i dun need u
and even u are not with me
i am not all alone even the fact is i am being alone
i am not alone just because i do have HIM
thanked ALLAH
for not ever leave me

p/s : there's no word that can make all thing were nice like before
there's no word
it just time

1 comment:

nuha said...

chill dEar~
HE khows what was happened~