Monday, February 14, 2011

~ feel toooo bad ~

salam ...

already finish my weekend...

sy sdg berusaha untuk nmpak gayenye ilmu IKHLAS sgt SUKAR untuk dicari..apatah lgi untuk merasai dan memberi keikhlasan~:(
i feel bad..really bad..
when im suppose to do that work but i can't do that becoz i rely dun no how to do to manage that..+ how to handle that thing..+ wif your GLUMMY & TADE PERASAAN KESIAN punye muke look at me..u know what im stupid monkey that try to manage people~erghh..its REALLY2 BAD n im not PROUD of that..i know im still in process of LEARNING,,but can u show me your NICE FACE my lol sister..your nice FACE will make my day..u knowz that..can u just give me your smile..bcoz your smile can make me go on to do ALL THAT THINGS~im not begging u for hard begging u for your BEAUTIFUL FACE to show on me~
but,,im a positive,,just go to hell that bad thing..just go to hell that stupid things~yes,,i feel like wanna cry..i feel like im FAIL bcoz people like u...but im not let u DESTROY my day and all day i not let u..
so,,im thanked 2 the PERSON that help me like im nothing~dun get me wrong bcoz im rely nothing and ZERO wif all this thing..i just TRY my best..n if my best is suck,,im happy bcoz im TRYING..~
so,,where the hell im am...:'(

mood : weekend yg mencabar~

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